Designer Richie Rich

In the 1990s, Richie Rich was heavily involved and influenced by the New York City club kid scene, and made a cameo appearance in the 2003 film Party Monster. I originally became introduced to the subculture through the film and did further research into it based on my own intrigue into the strange society which created its own bizarre world of  elaborate ostentatious outfits, heavy drug use as well as holding illegal parties in various public places and having undefined sexual preferences. The group for me represents an individuality and care free attitude which seems unphased by how others may negatively perceive them. The club kids were mostly led by Michael Alig and Jame St. James. Michael Alig who was later arrested on murder charges in 1996.



Richie Rich

He is co-founder of the fashion label known as Heatherette. Known for putting celebrity figures into his designs such as Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson, Richie’s work embodies the 21st century’s celebrity culture and obsession and plays on these themes.

His work is outlandish and borderline biazarre using colours, shape and trim to excess emulating the club kids lifestyle which also encouraged doing things to excess.


The 1970’s Group Presentation

We were assigned a group of four members. We were then asked to complete a powerpoint presentation covering a whole era in just four slides. We were allocated the 1970s era. As a group we executed two meetings and devised the slides into one slide per person. I completed the Timeline of the 1970’s thus focused on the social/ economical and political aspects that defined the 70’s era. This is the final presentation. To view the presentation please select this link 1970’s Time Line