1980’s rude boy

My definition of rude boys is as avid listeners of ska music, especially that of traditional and 2-tone waves of ska, however can also be categorised as listening to Garage,Grime, Reggae, Dancehall, Jungle, Drum and Bass, And as of recently Hip hop, Rap, although Hip hop was gaining notoriety within the 1980’s and became vast in this era. Usually dressed in a suit and bowler and can be perceived as a trouble maker of the 1980’s and possibly where the ‘rude’ comes from which shows that the person in question is a bit naughty. However although this is my definition I cannot categorise all under this umbrella.

The Rude Boys were rebels without jobs, fighting against the social conditions of the era. Their dress black suits and hats with thin ties, was meant to be a symbol of irony, accentuating their poverty.

Above rude Boys, Chuka and Dubem were identical twins who became famous in London for their style. They always dressed the same and would entertain travellers outside the Highbury and Islington tube station playing ska and reggae music.



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