1990’s Rave scene


noun /rāv/
raves, plural

  • An extremely enthusiastic recommendation or appraisal of someone or something
    • – their recent tour received rave reviews
  • A lively party or gathering involving dancing and drinking
    • – their annual fancy-dress rave
  • A party or event attended by large numbers of young people, involving drug use and dancing to fast, electronic music
  • Electronic dance music of the kind played at such events

The rave scene very much came from the Acid House scene of the late 1980s. Acid House being a derivative of house music which added a repetitive beat with elements of trance. Acid House has its origins in Chicago where the first supposed Acid House record was created.

Acid House continued to remain prominent throughout the 90’s rave scene with the emblem and predominant logo of the culture being a yellow smiley face symbol which was commonly associated with Acid House

This stemmed into the early 1990’s and gave birth to the whole ‘Rave’ movement.  By 1991 many notable rave orientated organisations such as Fantazia, Universe, Raindance and Amnesia House were holding massive legal raves in fields, warehouses, abandoned buildings and any other expanse of space would prove the perfect venue. This started local councils passing laws andincreasing fees to stop and generally discourage any rave organisations from acquiring licenses needed.

The happy old skoolstyle was replaced by the darker jungle and the faster happy hardcore.

For a ‘raver’ going to a rave was not just about the music, it was about the fashion. A mixture of neon colours, tye-dye, bum bags and the smiley face logo was the raver’s trademark. It seemed a statement of standing out within the confines of a club and emulate the neon or strobe lighting of club scenes.

Drug taking was fairly prominent allowing ravers to continue dancing well into the night and was very recreational and prominent within the subculture.

Often the drug of choice was ecstasy usually in tablet form but MDMA, a derivative of ecstasy was also taking in powder form which held stimulant properties. Recreational Ecstasy use spread worldwide, beginning on the holiday island of Ibiza in Spain. Ectasy tablets were often branded to create an image, sell better and to give it a designer drug image as well as encouraging brand loyalty.


One thought on “1990’s Rave scene

  1. There was a like-minded conscience, a feeling of unity a feeling that we are a part of something bigger. As the rave scence got bigger and evolverd so did the belief that this was a movement a spirtual world wide movement. Future punters could come experiment, talk learn about the vibe(now theres a word not used much anymore)find ones inna groove. Not a place where this belief is dictated but just a safe place to open the doors of perception in our minds.

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