2000s: Chavs!

The Chav phenomenon escalated in the noughties with the stereotype becoming the face of the British white working class. The word chav is an acronym for ‘council house and violent’, which epitomises the two main characteristics of the sub culture.

Chavs had a disastrous effect on the fashion industry particularly Burberry. The sub culture adopted the luxury brand as their trademark feature. The iconic Burberry tartan soon lost all its prestigious status as more and more chavs began to wear clothing with the tartan displayed. As a result of this Burberry went through a major rebranding to distance themselves from the chavs which had adopted their label as their hallmark.

The Chav culture soon became the main topic of satire in the noughties with various comedians and musicians making fun of the sub culture to amuse the public. The BBC comedy show ‘Little Britain’ took the stereotype to create the much loved character Vicky Pollard with her catchphrase ‘yeah but… no but’. The Welsh band ‘Goldie Lookin’ Chain’ also tapped into the Chav culture to create a popular comedic music group.


3 thoughts on “2000s: Chavs!

  1. That is soo cool…A neighborhood where one Mom looks on after her friends little one’s. THATS how it should be!

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