We were given an intriguing presentation by Zowie Broach, co founder of  Boudicca. She runs the label with partner Brian Kirby.  Founded in 1997,

She stated her inspiration by strong females in history and how that influenced her design choices. This is evident in the name of the label being ‘Boudicca’ named after the fearsomely strong female warrior Boudica or Boadicea. She was queen of the Iceni tribe who she led in an uprising against the Roman Empire. Zowie Broach also expressed her interest in making clothing that emulated a female warrior and took them out of the norm and them to embody a 21st century warrior.

Here we can see inspiration taken from Queen Elizabeth the 1st. She is another notably strong female figure in history known for her reign without marriage and being known as the virgin queen.

I found her inspiration by strong female figures very interesting as I am also fascinated by strong females in history for their influences and strength in an other wise male orientated world.

She gave samples of her ‘wode’ perfume which sprays as a blue spray reminiscent of spray paint however the colour dissipates leaving a slight musk scent behind. I find the idea behind the perfume really inspired and quite avant garde. It pays an obvious homage to the Celtic tradition of painting themselves in blue wode dye before battle.  It was said that the blue wode had healing properties. I like the playful packaging in a spray can playing on the misconception of it being a can of spray paint to amuse and disorientated those who are unaware of what it is.

She mentioned her childhood and her love of David Bowie and love of film.

When talking about her time studying she expressed how open her tutors were and how she was allowed to express herself fully. She even stated how she was able to tap dance within a pattern cutting lesson showing the full extent of her freedom and ability to fully express herself in various mediums.

I liked her research work which was incredibly original and quite organic in a way. I particularly liked her manipulation of Vogue magazines which saw added drawings, photo manipulation and writing over the magazine altering it in an appealing way.


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